Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Yearish...

So I am finally here for a little bit of an update. I know that of course it has been WAY too long since I have posted but life is CRAZY right now and only getting crazier by the day!! Things are going fantastic in the lives of Danie and Braden. We, well I guess I am now 22 weeks pregnant. My dad hates the weeks thing so if you are like him that means I am 5 1/2 months along...more than half way! And actually since I have been a slacker poster for those of you that do not know IT'S A BOY!!!!! We are SO excited! Not that girls are bad, we are just stoked that it is a little man in there! It has been such an increadible experience being pregnant. I have been so lucky to not be a sicko and actually have felt great! I still am really tired but I am digging this whole second trimester business. We have just started feeling him move all of the time. I was feeling small movements and flutters for awhile but the past week or so they have been much stronger and more distinct. Braden was able to feel him the other day and yesterday he moved more to the front and we can totally see him dancing in there! It is so crazy to see my belly bumping all around!! It has been so fun and we cannot wait to meet him! Now I just have to actually start doing things! There are a lot of decisions to make when you are having a baby!! I am a horrible decision maker and so this is going to be an interesting process! Other than baby things are moving right along as usual. The holidays were great, crazy, but great! The 2 week break from school was WONDERFUL!! I spent lots of time reading and catching up on some much needed sleep! We were able to talk to my little bro on Christmas and that was so much fun! He is seriously the cutest boy ever and I miss him like crazy. It was so fun to hear how great he is doing and how much he LOVES Mexico and all of people there. I really think that we are going to have to force him to come home! Other than that we ate a lot, hung out with the fam, and enjoyed the end of 2008! We are so excited for the new year and all of the excitment it is going to bring! I promise I will try to be a little better but we all know how that goes! Anyways here are some pics of the holidays and the belly...just for you Em! If I didn't love you so much I would not post pictures of my prego self online!! Enjoy!!!

P.S. I HATE MATERNITY PANTS!!!!!!! They should just call them what they look and fit like...denim sweat pants!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The answer to everyone's question....

I know, I know again it has been too long. I am sorry I suck at blogging, it just takes way too much time! I only wish I was a patient as my cousin...maybe she should start managing my blog!!!
Anways now for the good I swear since the day we said I do everyone's favorite questions is when are you guys going to have a baby??? Well my friends after much trying and many long months I have the answer to that wonderful question.....
MAY 16,2009!!!!!!!! Yep that is right we are prego!!! I am about 13 weeks and feeling pretty good. We were able to hear the heart beat a couple days ago and it was really so incredible! I cannot believe that there is really a little baby in there! It took a lot of hard work (mostly on my part! HA!) but it finally happened and we could not be happier! So now I can join the club of the cool kids with kids! Again I cannot promise I will be a good blogger but I will try. I don't have any pics as of right now because I don't think anyone really cares much to see a picture of a stick I peed on but soon I will try to find something! So there it is...and now my family and cousin and all of you that did know this news can stop giving me crap! It is on my blog and the world can enjoy my news!!! To those of you that I was not able to tell I am sorry...I tried before I put this up but again I am not so great at things like that! And for those of you that maybe found out from someone else, really we do love you but our parents were REALLY excited about their new granbaby and they couldn't help but tell everyone! Hopefully I will have more news soon! But for now you can all be happy to know about the little shrimp (that is its size this week!) that is in my belly!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Still Alive....maybe

Alright kiddos so I am a SLACKER!!! Don't any of you say I didn't warn you, you can refer to my very first post that said this would probably be rough. Now it was all well and good when there was no work in my life but as soon as the school bell rang for the first time my life as I know it belongs to high school kids! I know how jealous you all are! So here is a quick and sleezy update and hopefully I will be a little better at finding time not to just look at blogs but to actually update my own! So here it on...enjoy...comment...say mean things about how bad of a blogger I am!
#1 Excitement.....Braden turns the big 2-9!!! Sorry honey, I know you are not a big fan but I still think your a hottie boom bottie almost 30 year old! HA!!!!

#2 Excitement....
My cutest little brother left on his way to Mexico and we got to talk to him!!! He is rockin it with the Mexicans and he LOVES it! Really this does not have much to do with us but I am so proud of this little kid I cannot even handle it! I want to explode at how excited I am that he is having such a good time and loving kickin it in Mexcio! I don't think he is ever going to leave!!
#3 Not so much excitement but good times....High school Football. My cheerleaders are actually super cute this year and we are having a good time hanging out. Natter and I spend many of our Friday nights screaming our brains out like high school kids for the good old Wolverines. I am a bad coach and don't have any recent pics of them cheering but here is a really cute one from when we went to camp.

#4 FANTASTIC NEWS.....My daddy is doing GREAT!!! He finished all of his chemo treatments and is looking great! He is gaining a little weight back and started working again. Still riding his bike like a mad out Lance Armstrong!! Thanks so much to everyone for all of your nice thoughts! He is doing great and should be good to go from here on out! I am so proud of how strong and brave he was through that horrible experience! WAY TO GO DAD!!!!
#5 Terrible, Horrible, No good, very bad news time....My sweet little grampy passed away last weekend. He had been battling lung cancer since March and it was his time. He fought so hard and for so long and I am so thankful that he is no longer in pain or sick! I already miss him tons but I know that he is in such a better place and in so much better shape than he was before! My heart is very heavy and sad but I am happy that he is no longer suffering. I LOVE YOU GRAMPY!!!!

#6 Happiness......Happy Anniversary #4!!!! Yep it is official I have been a married girl for 4 years now! I don't have any pics of our actual anniversary and really it was pretty low key. Unfortunately it was last week and we were busy with everything for my grandpa so we got to do our favorite thing(I know what you are thinking...yes that too but we won't talk about that my dad reads this blog!), we went to dinner and spent some much needed time together! In some aspects I cannot believe it has been 4 years and others I feel like we have been married forever! Especially at a time like this I am so glad I get to spend every day with the boy that makes me laugh my brains out and is my bestest bestest friend! Love you babes!
p.s. not the best pic but I did not want to scan in the good ones besides look at those cheesy grins!! Man we were excited!

Last but not least...I am officially a hunting widow. Let the games begin! I am officially single at least 3 days of the week until January!! Shopping here I come!!!

I know I husband just looks so cool in all of that camo with dead animals! He really is a sicko but you gotta love him!

So all in all it is not the most exciting 2 months. Although I am so happy that it is finally cooling down and we are kind of getting a fall! I love fall! So many good things come with it...jackets, college football, good soup, pretty leaves, baseball playoffs and the world series, chilly nights, shopping with the girlies, and pumpkin pecan pie cheesecake from the cheesecake factory!!!!! YEAH for fall and hopefully I will love it so much I will have many many things to post!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School....

BOO!!!!!! So I know I have once again fallen off the face of the earth but don't be too worried my blog stalking buddies I am alive! I might be slightly dehydrated, super sweaty, sleep deprived, and super spirted but alive! School is once again in session and sports have already started! I have once again started living at the and sweaty I must say but overall okay so far. This is the time of year where my life is no longer my own so I am sorry for the no blogging. I promise I will catch up much to will come when I have more than 2 minutes to just type! Hope you are all well and not as sweaty and disgusting as me! Let's just say no air conditioning and 50 high school sophmores in one classroom is a getting to be too much to handle!!! WHERE IS FALL!!!!!! Gotta love public education! Peace out for now...catch up soon!

Friday, August 8, 2008


First I know it is a miracle 2 days in a row! I am like a blogging queen this week! Really I am just suppose to be making dinner for some friends and I actually decided we would just order in something! HA! Go figure! Anyways onto the real post! I just had to take a quick moment and talk about how much my heart hurts today!!! If you are a fan you will know that last night was the sad last night of So You Think You Can Dance. My all time favorite obession TV show. My heart is saddened today not only because I don't get to watch the show anymore but also that I don't get to watch my new boyfriend crush running around with no shirt on! Now if you read earlier posts you know that I think my hubby is smokin hot stuff...but if for any reason he was killed in a freak hunting accident I would be on the first plane to Montgomery Alabama to claim my new hubby TWITCH!! Do you think he would take an aging lanky white girl health teacher from Utah???????

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Alright kids, sorry that it took me so long to post again but really it has been crazy up in this house! I swear I am a summer off girl but it is just as CRAZY!!!! So one of our most recent adventures was a rockin road trip to North Dakota! I know, I know you are all wondering why the devil would you choose to go to North Dakota...well to thicken the plot we actually bought a house out there. If you know my hottie hubby you know that he is a HUGE animal/bird/fish/critter slayer and North and South Dakota apparently is a haven for his favorite prey, phesants. So thus the rockin new house we have and the fantastic road trip we went on to see it. Now if you know me you know I am not a huge fan of driving. It makes me sick and I get bored and really it is not my favorite thing. But I really love my husband so we hit the road jack! The drive there was not horrible we did it in 2 days so it was fine. We got there and the house was not as bad as we thought it would be so we headed to the nearest Wal Mart (yep even that is an hour away from this house!) we got some supplies and just hung out. The next day we cleaned the entire day and it SUCKED! Then we headed home the next day! Short and sweet. The ride home was BRUTAL!!!! We made it in one day and we took the long way to do some sightseeing so it took about 16 hours!!! BOO!! But the sights were cool and my hubby was as giddy as a school girl so it was worth it! Enjoy the pics...

The Fancy New House
We made a quick stop at Sturgis and it was almost time for bike week. That place was NUTS!!! I cannot even imagine what it was like this week!

Stop #2 was Mt. Rushmore. It was actually pretty neat, we sped through it but the little bit we saw was cool. Please don't mind how nasty I was a long day!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ode to the Old Man

I just wanted to give a little shout out to my sweet pops! He was recently diagnosed with Testicular Cancer (yep that's the balls!). He had to have surgery in May to remove the bad nut and then just this week he had to have all of his lymphnodes removed. He has had a rough little time and he is such a trooper! He has to start chemotherapy in a couple weeks and then hopefully he will be good as new! Thanks so much to everyone that has been so nice and thoughtful! Sorry that I have not been the most attentive friend lately...I have been with the fam quite a bit. Thanks for all your support and prayers, keep them coming we will all need it! Keep up the good work daddy o and you will be good as new in no time!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!
P.S. For those of you that know my dad you will he is looking a little rough in this pic! He was trying to look excited but he was not feeling so hot...they had just removed the morphine drip and he was not such a fan! But he is home now and feeling better!

Strawberry Fun

Here are some pics from our most recent adventure to Strawberry. The fishing was great...well for Braden it was great! I had a fantabulous time sitting in the boat and reading the 2 books I brought..I know I am a nerd but that is my kind of fishing! It was great up until we the sun went down and all of the sudden it was like we were ice fishing!!! The hubby failed to mention that not only would it drop to about 40 degress at night (yep I only had shorts!!) but also that I would have to drag my sorry A out of bed at 5:45 AM in the freezing cold to go find the fishies!!! Good thing I sure like that crazy kid! All in all it was a good time had by all...another reason I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!!!

The mighty fisherman

This is how I spent most of my morning

I cheered up a little when the sun came up! I kept getting in trouble for not watching my pole...OOPS!

One last side hubby is a huge outdoors/hunting/fishing geek and I know it seems mean but really of the probably 40ish fish we caught we let all but 2 go and those ones we ate for dinner that night! So we are not mean barbaric fishermen we are responsible and nice...these were actually the 2 we kept and ate. And yep they were good stuff!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


So the it has been a sad couple of days at our house...the day finally came that my cutest little bro left for his mission. He headed out to the MTC on Wednesday and will be off to Mexico in September. It was a super sad day...I kind of felt like an 18 year old high school girl crying my little eyes out!!! But at the same time we are so proud of him and so excited for his new adventure! He is the sweetest, funniest, happiest big guy I know and I cannot wait to see his progression over the next 2 years!!! He was already an incredible little missionary and I know he is going to rock it out there! I am still a sad little girl but hey at least it is for a good reason! Love ya buddy!!!

At the lovely MTC....Got to say not one of my favorite places! And please don't mind that me and Natter are looking a little rough! It was a long day!

Just a little side note to set the record straight...nothing in my life has changed! I still believe what I believe and I am still exactly the same girl. For everyone who was wondering I occasionally (yes I wouldn't even need one hand to count the number of times) am a little bit of a cheater in the clothes department when I am on vacation. So there it is...sorry for the concern and now you can all judge as you will! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer time and the livin's easy...

Summer is the BEST time of the year to be a teacher! NO WORK FOR THIS KID!!! Here are some of the things me and the hottie hubby have been up to....


Monday, June 30, 2008

Against My Better Judgment

Alright suckers here it is! Since you all were so anxious to have my ghetto blog on your lists I made a brand new pretty one so you can all blog stalk me and see what is up with my oh so interesting life. Same old same old around here. No we do not have any kids yet...yes that is okay with us for now. We are just chillin and livin it up as is! For you all that really know me(not just blog stalking me) you know that this is so not me to have a fancy little blog so hopefully you will enjoy my rantings. I will try to mom blog as much as a can and make it as pretty as I can but I can't promise anything. If I blog as good as I scrapbook you are all screwed!!! But enjoy...I am a big fan of looking up all of you so now I am offical! Read on my friends...