Monday, June 30, 2008

Against My Better Judgment

Alright suckers here it is! Since you all were so anxious to have my ghetto blog on your lists I made a brand new pretty one so you can all blog stalk me and see what is up with my oh so interesting life. Same old same old around here. No we do not have any kids yet...yes that is okay with us for now. We are just chillin and livin it up as is! For you all that really know me(not just blog stalking me) you know that this is so not me to have a fancy little blog so hopefully you will enjoy my rantings. I will try to mom blog as much as a can and make it as pretty as I can but I can't promise anything. If I blog as good as I scrapbook you are all screwed!!! But enjoy...I am a big fan of looking up all of you so now I am offical! Read on my friends...