Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Yearish...

So I am finally here for a little bit of an update. I know that of course it has been WAY too long since I have posted but life is CRAZY right now and only getting crazier by the day!! Things are going fantastic in the lives of Danie and Braden. We, well I guess I am now 22 weeks pregnant. My dad hates the weeks thing so if you are like him that means I am 5 1/2 months along...more than half way! And actually since I have been a slacker poster for those of you that do not know IT'S A BOY!!!!! We are SO excited! Not that girls are bad, we are just stoked that it is a little man in there! It has been such an increadible experience being pregnant. I have been so lucky to not be a sicko and actually have felt great! I still am really tired but I am digging this whole second trimester business. We have just started feeling him move all of the time. I was feeling small movements and flutters for awhile but the past week or so they have been much stronger and more distinct. Braden was able to feel him the other day and yesterday he moved more to the front and we can totally see him dancing in there! It is so crazy to see my belly bumping all around!! It has been so fun and we cannot wait to meet him! Now I just have to actually start doing things! There are a lot of decisions to make when you are having a baby!! I am a horrible decision maker and so this is going to be an interesting process! Other than baby things are moving right along as usual. The holidays were great, crazy, but great! The 2 week break from school was WONDERFUL!! I spent lots of time reading and catching up on some much needed sleep! We were able to talk to my little bro on Christmas and that was so much fun! He is seriously the cutest boy ever and I miss him like crazy. It was so fun to hear how great he is doing and how much he LOVES Mexico and all of people there. I really think that we are going to have to force him to come home! Other than that we ate a lot, hung out with the fam, and enjoyed the end of 2008! We are so excited for the new year and all of the excitment it is going to bring! I promise I will try to be a little better but we all know how that goes! Anyways here are some pics of the holidays and the belly...just for you Em! If I didn't love you so much I would not post pictures of my prego self online!! Enjoy!!!

P.S. I HATE MATERNITY PANTS!!!!!!! They should just call them what they look and fit like...denim sweat pants!